With decades of experience in federal and state civil rights litigation, the Law Office of Fred Lichtmacher, P.C. is committed to elevating vulnerable voices in combating governmental abuse and supporting those shorthanded by an unjust system. Without civil rights, freedom is a fantasy and equality an illusion. Seasoned trial attorney Fred Lichtmacher is a fearless fighter in an ongoing battle for equality and the validation of victims. Evidenced by his extensive legal career and ability to set new standards for civil rights in New York, Lichtmacher’s dedication to justice and compassion for his clients is unquestionable and impactful.

As a client at the Law Office of Fred Lichtmacher, P.C, his entire legal team is on your side, devoted to supporting you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Though unable to take on every case we receive, we guarantee zealous representation upon mutually agreeing to work together. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our Team

Fred LichtmacherFred Lichtmacher – Attorney

Fred Lichtmacher has fearlessly backed his clients by holding abusers of power accountable and going against governmental abuse. His decades of legal experience and commitment to representing clients with the utmost vigor have resulted in an extensive body of successful victories. “It is the greatest privilege of my life to be able to stand up for those facing the worst catastrophes of their lives,” says Lichtmacher. His sheer intolerance of systemic injustices victimizing vulnerable groups drives his passionate persistence in standing up to oppression.

Prior to his legal career, Lichtmacher spent the first 17 years of his working life as a jazz musician. He went on to attend Queens College, graduating magna cum laude with a B.A. in English Literature. While working to support his young children, Lichtmacher attended Hofstra University and won the annual trial competition before graduating with a J.D.

Lichtmacher’s zeal and devotion for equality have effectively advanced the civil rights of New Yorkers by setting a new standard for the treatment of sexual harassment cases. Lichtmacher’s impact has validated the voices of these victims, their trauma, and their realities, by fighting to change the way their suits brought pursuant to the New York City Human Rights Law are evaluated. Clients can now win based on a totality of the circumstances evaluation, instead of having to meet the more stringent and difficult-to-prove severe and pervasive standard demanded by Federal Law. Lichtmacher’s legal strides have also changed the way police brutality cases are handled in New York City. Largely due to his victory in defending the young daughter of Shirley Fontanez, if the NYPD receives a complaint about an off-duty officer acting violently, they must follow up on the incident or be liable for the officer’s violent acts.

Fred Lichtmacher is a battle-tested, unflinching, and skilled trial attorney who tirelessly fights for any client he takes on, making it his mission for their voices and stories to come out of the dark and be validated through results.

Madeline ArnoldyMadeline Arnoldy – Paralegal

“Giving up” and “throwing in the towel” are phrases foreign to Madeline Arnoldy. Steadfast and strong-willed, she is a fierce fighter who turns roadblocks into road maps for change. Madeline pours the utmost effort into all endeavors she embraces and stops at nothing in the name of progress. Her meticulous work ethic, compassion for our clients, and dedication to combating societal injustice make her a worthwhile addition to our team. Madeline has spent her life morphing challenges into advancements, and she’s always had a clear vision of her life’s mission. A natural-born leader, advocacy is her intuition, and Madeline’s choice in career path stems from lifelong passions for analytical thought, ethics, and behavior. She graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with B.A. degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. As just one of three women in the Philosophy program, Madeline held the highest G.P.A in her graduating class. She earned her Paralegal Certificate from Stony Brook University Center for Legal Studies. With her unstoppable drive and limitless resilience, she plans to continue her legal education in contribution to a future where civil rights are within reach for all.

Emily ReyesEmily Reyes – Legal Assistant

Emily Reyes has a mission and that is to be a part of the change; that long delayed societal shift making equality attainable for all individuals in this country. As the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, she is no stranger to the civil injustices impacting the Hispanic community and first- generation families. Born and raised in the Bronx, Emily graduated magna cum laude from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.A. in Law and Society and double minors in English and Journalism. Her tenure at the office of Councilmember Marcos Crespo further ignited the spark in her spirit for law. There, she acquired inspirational insights that affirmed her ambitions for a legal career and led her to the Law Office of Fred Lichtmacher, P.C. Her position at this firm has taught her that outspokenness opens opportunities, and small adjustments can lead to ample advancements in both legal cases and personal livelihood. Most importantly, it is hearing, receiving, and resonating with the experiences of our clients that drives Emily’s dedication to continue her legal education and fight on behalf of those overlooked by the system. Her career goals go beyond professional pursuits, as the gas to her gumption is pride: pride for her family’s resilience, pride for her culture and community, and pride for who she is and where she is going.


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